"Nature Calls!"
    —Wild Staff Zoo Lou's official catchphrase

​Wild Staff Zoo Lou ​is the Transhaper counterpart of Zoo Lou in Skylanders: Transhapers and one of the enemies in Sony Pictures Infinity: Feeding Frenzy​He is unlocked by taking ownership of Wild Staff Jack.


​Normal VersionEdit

Zoo Lou now wields a green, translucent staff, with a spiked ball on each end. He wears a black eye mask as well as some new clothing. He also bears armor based off wildlife animals, such as birds, wolves and hogs, which he all summons in his gameplay.

​Transhaped VersionEdit

When Transhaped using a Life Mask, his staff grows bigger while he gains a brown bear shield on his other arm and his clothing and armor turn brown, resembling a brown bear.


​Normal VersionEdit

​Wild Staff: ​Zoo Lou swings his staff at you.

​Staff Spin: ​Zoo Lou spins his staff, knocking you over.

​The Staff Who Summoned Wolf: ​Zoo Lou slams his staff on the ground, summoning a magical wolf ally that helps him in combat.

​Transhaped VersionEdit

​Giant Wild Staff: ​Zoo Lou swings his giant staff at you.

​Ultimate Staff Spin: ​Zoo Lou spins his giant staff, knocking you over.

​Staffilocks And The Three Bears: ​Zoo Lou slams his giant staff on the ground, summoning three magical bear allies that help him in combat.


  • His third attacks are references to stories.
    • The third attack in his normal version is a reference to The Boy Who Cried Wolf ​and the third attack in his Transhaped version is a reference to ​Goldilocks and the Three Bears.