​"Leader of all Pigs!"

​--Western Pig Harold's offical catchphrase

Western Pig Harold is a guest star from ​Thomas & Friends, ​along with Cowboy Sheriff Sir Topham Hatt ​and one of the Himalayan Rabbids in Sony Pictures Infinity: Rayman Raving Rabbids. He is in the Folder battle class. He is playable on all versions of the game and is in the PlayStation Thomas and the Magic Railroad Starter Pack along with Soccer Danielle And Lauren, Gangsta Ropeslinger, Cowboy Sheriff Sir Topham Hatt (who is later in the Wild Wild West Rabbids Toy Box Pack with him) and the Somali Bowling Barrel Crystal. When taken ownership, you will unlock Crash Bandicoot as an enemy in the Toy Box.


Harold the Helicopter is a white helicopter with two black propellers (one large one on his head and one small one on his tail) and white landing skids. He has his name in red on a red line on both sides of his body. He has a black door on the right side of his body. And he has four gray windows and four black windows on both sides (the gray ones are on the front and the black ones are on the back).

In his Western Pig version, he wears a brown karate hat with yellow spots on it under his propeller, he grows brown sorcerer wands with yellow orbs on them for arms, wears brown duct tape on his arms and a brown visor on his eyes.


​Sony Pictures Infinity and Disney InfinityEdit

​Wand Blast (Ranged Attack): Harold shoots enemies with his wands.

Sorcerer Attacks (Melee Attack): Harold punches enemies with his wands.

Visor Blast (Special Move): Harold shoots enemies with his visor.


  • He is friends with the Life Sensei of the Brawler battle class, Crash Bandicoot.