​"Karate Chop!"

​-Turbo Charge Kyle Broflovski's offical catchphrase

​Turbo Charge Kyle Broflovski is a guest star from South Park ​and one of the Himalayan Comic Jumpers in Sony Pictures Infinity: Comic Jumper.​ His signature vehicle is the Page Turner. Along with it, he is only playable on the Wii, DS and PC versions of the game and is only available in the Wii Starter Pack with Super Shot Colin And RavenpawGhost Buster Kenny McCormick and the Fractured Hole but was later released in a double pack. When taken ownership, you will unlock Turbo Charge Donkey Kong as an enemy in the Toy Box.


Kyle is usually depicted wearing winter attire which consists of a bright green ushanka, a bright orange jacket, dark green pants, and lime-green mittens/gloves. The rare instances in which he is shown without his cap, he has a bright red-to-auburn Jewfro.

In his Turbo Charge version, Kyle has his ushanka replaced with a purple karate hat with pink spots on it, his jacket and pants are replaced with a pink karate suit with a purple belt and his mittens/gloves and shoes are replaced with purple ones.

​Gameplay (Wii Version)Edit

Sony Pictures Infinity and Disney InfinityEdit

Karate Dash (Ranged Attack):​ Kyle dashes toward enemies.

Karate Moves ​(Melee Attack):​ Kyle punches and kicks his enemies.

Jewfro Miniguns (Special Move): ​Kyle takes off his hat, and miniguns come out of his hair and shoot enemies.

Gameplay (DS Version)Edit

​Projectiles (10 damage)Edit

​Red Tires (Comic Jumper)

Red Fish (Feeding Frenzy)


​Boom Staff (Comic Jumper)

Incendiary Sentinel Staff (Feeding Frenzy)

​Battle CardsEdit

Kung Fu Dragonball (12 damage)

Kung Fu Fire Punch (40 damage)

Jewfro Brambles (18 damage)

Worms ​Battle CardsEdit

Comic Jumper and Feeding FrenzyEdit

​Dynamite (75 damage)

​Death ExplosionEdit

Forward Flop


​Wooden Cross (Comic Jumper)

Red Worms 2 ​cross (Feeding Frenzy)