Skylanders: Symbol Characters is a game from the PetStarPlanet's series page from Skylanders Fan Wiki!

List of Characters Edit

  1. Series 2 Trigger Happy
  2. Series 3 Eruptor
  3. Series 4 Gill Grunt
  4. Series 5 Terrafin
  5. Series 6 Cynder
  6. LightCore Prism Break
  7. DarkCore Voodood
  8. Tree Rex
  9. Blast Buckler
  10. Snap Shot
  11. Spry
  12. Master Eon
  13. Bash and Flashwing
  14. Mini Mare
  15. Chop Chop (Knight Fighter)
  16. Fixing Cube
  17. Spitfire with Hot Streak
  18. Wind Blow

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