"Axe First, Questions Later!"
    —Shaman Warrior Voodood's official catchphrase

Shaman Warrior Voodood is the Transhaper counterpart of Voodood in Skylanders: Transhapers and one of the enemies in Sony Pictures Infinity: Feeding Frenzy​He is unlocked by taking ownership of Shaman Warrior Havenpelt.


​Normal VersionEdit

Voodood now wields a shorter axe with a much larger blade, which he does quicker, more powerful swings with. He has more armor and his clothing is now black and white.

​Transhaped VersionEdit

When Transhaped using a Magic Mask, which morphs with Voodood's helm, his axe morphs into a giant golden hammer, and his armor and clothing turn gold.


​Normal VersionEdit

Axe Attack: ​Voodood swings his powerful axe at you.

Enchanted Slam: ​Voodood slams his axe on the ground with incredible force to knock you over.

​Psychic Shock: ​Voodood unleashes a blast of purple electricity from his hands to shock you.

​Transhaped VersionEdit

Hammer Attack: ​Voodood swings his golden hammer at you.

Hammer Slam: ​Voodood slams his hammer on the ground with ultimate force to knock you over.

​Lightning Strike: ​Voodood unleashes a blast of lightning from his hands to shock you.