The Page Turner is Turbo Charge Kyle Broflovski's Health vehicle in Sony Pictures Infinity: Comic Jumper. It is in the Egypt element. Along with him, it is only playable on the Wii, DS and PC versions of the game and is only available in the Wii Starter Pack with Super Shot Colin And RavenpawGhost Buster Kenny McCormick and the Fractured Hole, but is later released in a double pack. When taken ownership, you will unlock the Barrel Blaster as an enemy in the Toy Box.

Appearance Edit

​Normal VersionEdit

The Page Turner is a helicopter with a gray propeller, yellow medal stone, blue windows, red landing skids and blue miniguns.

​SuperCharged VersionEdit

When SuperCharged by Turbo Charge Kyle Broflovski, the propeller and windows stay the normal color, the medal stone turns green, the landing skids turn blue and the miniguns morph into three-shot snipers.

Gameplay (Wii Version) Edit

Sony Pictures Infinity and Disney InfinityEdit

Normal VersionEdit

Minigun Blast: Shoot your miniguns at your enemies.

SuperCharged VersionEdit

Sniper Blast: Shoot your three-shot snipers at your enemies.

Cats Series, Skylanders and Lego Dimensions (Wii and Wii U Versions)Edit

Shoot your miniguns (or snipers when SuperCharged) at your enemies.

  • Damage: 3 (4 when SuperCharged)

Dash toward your enemies.

  • Damage: 1 (2 when SuperCharged)

Gameplay (DS Version)Edit


Comic JumperEdit

​Brown Tires (10 damage, normal version)

Brown Cannonballs (20 damage, SuperCharged version)

Feeding FrenzyEdit

Brown Fish (10 damage, normal version)

Brown Sharks (20 damage, SuperCharged version)


​Normal VersionEdit

​Boom Staff (Comic Jumper)

Incendiary Sentinel Staff (Feeding Frenzy)

​SuperCharged VersionEdit

Flame Sword (Comic Jumper)

Campfire Scythe (Feeding Frenzy)

​Battle CardsEdit

​Normal VersionEdit

Spike Spawn (12 damage)

Book Throw (40 damage)

​SuperCharged VersionEdit

Spike Pit (24 damage)

Giant Book Throw (80 damage)

Worms ​Battle CardsEdit

Comic Jumper and Feeding FrenzyEdit

​Dynamite (93 damage, normal version)

Banana Bomb (Comic Jumper, 186 damage, SuperCharged version)

Priceless Ming Vase (Feeding Frenzy, 186 damage, SuperCharged version)

​Death ExplosionEdit



Dark Page Turner

Legendary Page Turner

Instant Page Turner

Trivia Edit

  • It is friends with the Tech vehicle, the Barrel Blaster.
  • The Page Turner and the Platform Protector are the only vehicles that are not in their respective Comic Jumper's element.