"Dino Thunder Flash!"
―Max's official catchphrase.

Max is a human who is the main protagonist of Dinosaur King. He is a playable character in Kids' WB: Heroes to Life. He is also one of the three characters who come with the console starter pack of the game along with Bugs Bunny and Omi.

As a Supercharger, Max is named Dino Charger Max.


Max has pale skin, spiky brown hair and big round purple eyes. He wears a red short-sleeve T-shirt with a yellow collar and a black fanny pack around his tummy decorated with a dinosaur tooth. He also wears orange jeans, red sneakers and red gloves with no fingers. Most distinctive of all, he wears a visor with a clear 'shade' and Triceratops horns that double up as flashlights.


Max is happy-go-lucky, much like his father, Spike Taylor. He loves dinosaurs, like his father, who is a paleontologist. Much like him, he is known to be quite clumsy at times. Max is known to be quite manipulative at times as well. Max seems to take pride in himself often and is very cocky (sometimes) and when drawn into an event that involves his fame it goes far to him to become self-absorbed, but when critizied about his intellect and feats, his cocky personality immediately vanish and Max's pride and ego get the better of him which go's so far for him to jeopordize or forget his missions with his rash thinkings.