Even though these rules are not strict we still advise that your articles follow these guidelines. It helps all articles look like they are on the same page.

  • They must have a roster of over 20 Characters
  • You must sort your characters out into groups (Where that is Elements, Movement Types, Difficulty ect.)
  • Articles can be original Ideas, not just official franchises.
  • Your game does not have to be action adventure.
  • Even though there is no order you must include your layout, Make sure you have a clear introduction that summarizes your game but does not go into detail; detail is for Gameplay, Characters, Features etc.
  • Your game must include (any order):
    • Introduction - Introductions do not go into detail as stated, Include what consoles it is on, the main features of the game. Basically anything that will get a reader intreseted in your artical.
    • Gameplay - Repeat what you said in the introduction, go into detail, what sort of game is it, what secrets are there to unlock. What is the players expeirience going to be like
    • Characters - Make sure you sort into groups (Eg. Elements, Movement Types, Difficulty, Franchise, Universe, basically anything you can think of)
    • Features - What are the physical features of the toys themselves, How big are they, Do they light up, Can they move?


Make sure you have these categories:

  • Games (If you want Fan Games and/or Fanon Games)
  • The Genre (Action-Adventure, Puzzle, First Person Shooter etc.)
  • The name of the franchise.
  • The Company (If needed) behind the series.
  • Your Username.
  • Consoles (Xbox One, Playstaion 4, Wii U etc.)


Sometimes you may need templates to add in a few things like, "This article is under contruction" or "It contains mature content".