"Shoot Gold and Toads!"                                                      

Gem Shooter's official catchphrase

Gem Shooter is a mutated pre-historic crystal rock golem with a gem rifle, who is a new core skylander in Skylanders: Evolved Army. He is of the Earth element.

Background ==

Personality Edit

Gem Shooter relies on brawl to aid him in battle. He may not be as smart as you might he is (He doesn't even know what 1+1 is, or how to read) but he does know how to wield a rifle!

Biography Edit

Gem Shooter was created when Heatwave accidentally fell on igneous rock in Flame Form. When he was first born, Gem Shooter mistook Heatwave for his "mommy", and he has followed him around as if he was a dog. One day, Drow Archers attacked Heatwave's home, and he was out numbered. So Gem Shooter made

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Strength: 150/150

Defense: 140/150

Speed: 40/150

Luck: 130/150

Abilities Edit

Gem Shooter has a gem rifle, which he uses to shoot gems. He can also surround himself in a wall of gems, and create a gem explosion.

Upgrades Edit

Starting Upgrades Edit

Gem Rifle: Shoot an emerald out of your rifle.

Block: Surround youself in an emeral block. You cannot move while in this state.

Basic Abilities Edit

Power Force: Emeralds do increased damage.

Block Walk: You can move a little bit in Block mode.

Ruby Red: Emeralds turn to rubies and deal more damage. In addition, the emeralds on your body to into rubies, too.

Dazzling Explosion: Place rubies all around you to explode.

Paths Edit

Sizzlin' Sapphire Edit

Shoot Sapphire Gems, Protect yourself with Sapphire Blocks, and create Sapphire explosions!

Sapphire Shots: Sapphires do even more damage and leave crystal shards on enemies.

Sapphire Blocks: Block youself with Sapphire Blocks! You can run while in this form and run faster for a short time when out of the block.

Sapphire Shockwaves: Jump to create shockwaves! Every 5 jumps cause shockwaves.