Game Page
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Developer(s) This is the company that developed the game.
Publisher(s) This is the company that published the game.
Platform(s) Xbox One

Xbox 360 Playstation 4 Playstation 3 Wii Wii U 3DS PS Vita

Genre(s) Eg. Platformer, Adventure, Action, RPG etc.
Release Date(s)
Eg. Single Player, Sandbox, Muiltiplayer, Online etc.
E, T, M (Mature Content Warning required if going into detail) AO (Mature Content Warning strictly required).
Media Included 10/10- IGN
Series What series does this game fall into?
Predecessor The game that came before (If this is a sequel)
Successor The game that comes next (If this is a continued series.)

Game pages are the most common pages on this wiki. In fact this wiki is dominated with them. In a typical game page, the introduction here will just be a paragraph this explains the basics of what the game is about, what genre, platforms it's on and a bit about the game. Don't go too much into detail.


Here is where you go into detail with with nameplate aspects. Even repeat what you have said in the intro but this time go into detail. Unless the game is really in-depth with the gameplay, this section will usually be two paragraphs.

Starter PackEdit

Being Toys to Life Games on here, all games should come with a starter pack. You do not have to include this section but it would be recommended that you do. This section will list the contents of the starter pack.


Here is where you list all of your Characters. It is strongly recommended you have over 20 Characters in your game. You don't have to limit your content. You can have a game with 1000 Characters in your game for all this wiki is concerned about.


If your game is story based, then here is where you will have your story. Make it a brief summarized version of your story. Don't go into as much detail as a full length novel.


  • Here in dot points, is where miscellaneous facts about your game go which wouldn't quite fit in any other section.