"Let The Flames Begin!"
    —Deadeye Flameslinger's official catchphrase

Deadeye Flameslinger is the Transhaper counterpart of Flameslinger in Skylanders: Transhapers and is one of the enemies in Sony Pictures Infinity: Feeding Frenzy. In Wave 3, he is available in a single pack. He is unlocked by taking ownership of Deadeye Honeyfern.

Appearance Edit

Normal Version Edit

Deadeye Flameslinger has his topknot undone, allowing his slightly-longer blue hair to flow freely, and his blindfold is now replaced with a red visor. His outfit is now an orange tunic with a black belt, brown leggings, and an orange cap with a green feather. In addition, Flameslinger's bow now resembles a crossbow, fired by pulling a trigger, and is mounted to his arm and linked to his quiver, which feeds bolts directly to it like an ammo belt.

Transhaped Version Edit

When Transhaped using a Fire Mask, his tunic morphs into a sharper, more armored version of his Series 2 outfit, his mask merges with his cap and his visor, and his bow turns into an arrow-firing, arm-mounted, bow-themed sniper rifle.

Powers Edit

Normal Version Edit

Fire Bolt: Deadeye Flameslinger shoots a fast flaming bolt at you.

Heat Sensor: Deadeye Flameslinger sends out a red field that will target you within. Fire Bolt will immediately turn him to face you before firing if you get close.

Flame Laser: Deadeye Flameslinger shoots a fiery beam from his visor. He stops the beam if you dodge it.

Transhaped Version Edit

Blazing Ballista: Deadeye Flameslinger shoots a powerful flaming arrow to damage you.

Microwave Vision: Deadeye Flameslinger projects a red field of intense heat around him that instantly kills you if you get too close.

Dragonfire Glare: Deadeye Flameslinger creates a dragon of fire from his visor that will chase and damage you.


​Exclusive Character QuotesEdit

When seeing Deadeye Honeyfern

  • "A cat in a red karate outfit? How cool!"
  • "A brown tabby karate student? Who led you here, Honeyfern?"
  • "Oh no! It's Deadeye Honeyfern!"

When seeing Brown Angler Fish Yellowfang

  • "Cool! A cat in a brown karate outfit!"
  • "Hello, Yellowfang. How's karate?"
  • "Look! It's Brown Angler Fish Yellowfang!"

When seeing Bark Armor Tallstar

  • "Look! It's a cat in a tuxedo."
  • "Hey there, Tallstar. Your outfit looks so fancy."
  • "Aahh! It's Bark Armor Tallstar!"

When seeing Blue Angel Fish Firestar

  • "Oh no! An orange cat! It's Blue Angel Fish Firestar!"
  • "It's Firestar! RUN!"
  • "The leader of the Fish Eaters? Oh no!"

​When seeing Dirt Sprayer Silverstream

  • ​"It's a dirty quickshot!"
  • "Silverstream? Well, nice to meet you."
  • "Dirt Sprayer Silverstream!"

Trivia Edit

  • Deadeye Flameslinger's normal attire is based on depictions of folklore hero Robin Hood.
  • He and Honeyfern both have the word "Deadeye" in the forms they transhape themselves.