"My Mouth is a Flamethrower!"
    —Chomp Chest's Transhaper catchphrase

​In Skylanders: Transhapers, Chomp Chest ​becomes a Transhaper of the Fire element. He is only available in the First Villains Pack with the Fire Mask and Cuckoo Clocker. In Sony Pictures Infinity: Feeding Frenzy, ​he is unlocked by taking ownership of Burning Bones Ledgeclimber.


​Normal VersionEdit

As a Transhaper, Chomp Chest appears normally but has two flare guns on his sides.

​Transhaped VersionEdit

When Transhaped using a Fire Mask, Chomp Chest's skin turns to the colors of his evolved version, and his flare guns morph into cannons.

Death explosion and gravestone in the handheld versionEdit

​Death ExplosionEdit

Forward Fall (normal version)

Kamikaze (Transhaped Version)


Red Worms 2 ​cross (Feeding Frenzy)