• If your contributions have hateful comments or anything that violates the rules then adminship will most likely be denied.
  • Ask the Founder or a Bureaucrat to make you an admin.
    • NOTE: You must have an account to become an admin.
  • Do not beg to become an admin. This is saying things like, "PLEASE MAKE ME AN ADMIN!!!" This makes it sound like you just want the title.
  • Long residence is not a good reason of why you should become an admin.
  • To be admin you must be Trustworthy, Fair, Skillful, Tact and Resilient.
  • Other qualities involve, contributions and how well you contribute and interaction with other users.
  • If you have achieved adminship, you have a strong expectation to follow these rules.
  • Although admins are users with granted rights, here is a list of rules that all admins are expected to follow:
    • Admins must not block any user without good warning.
    • Admins must not protect pages that are not their own without permission.
    • Admins must not delete pages without permission or without a good reason.
    • Admins must not think they have power over everyone else. Admins do have a sense of power but must never control normal users. Admins are to serve as role models, not tyrants.
  • If another admin makes some changes and other admins, or general users, don't like it then a poll must be held. Dictating if the changes should be rolled back.
  • Admins shouldn't disable blocked users from editing their own talk page. Every user here deserves some form of communication. However, if the blocked user continues to violate the rules or ignore admins' warnings then admins have the right to disable this feature.

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