"What Does the Fox Say?"

Achmed Junior's official catchphrase

Achmed Junior is a Somali kitten who is one of the main characters in Jeff & The Kittens and a playable character in the Egypt element in Sony Pictures Infinity: Fable II: Pub Games. He is playable in the Jeff And The Kittens Play Set and the Toy Box. He comes in a single pack. When taken ownership, you will unlock Boba Fett as an enemy in the Toy Box.

In Sony Pictures Infinity: Feeding Frenzy, his Fish Eater counterpart is named Sky High Achmed Junior. This counterpart is in the Scottish element.

Appearance Edit

Achmed Junior is just a normal Somali kitten with yellow eyes.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Health: 200 (max. at level 10: 400)

Powers Edit

Sony Pictures Infinity

Foxy Dash ​(Ranged Attack)​: Achmed Junior dashes toward enemies.

Foxy Exercises (Melee Attack)​: Achmed Junior punches and kicks enemies.

Bushy Tail Spin (Special Move)​: Achmed Junior spins around, hitting enemies that get in the way with his tail.

Trivia Edit

  • He is friends with the Star Wars villain, Boba Fett.