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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/24/2015

Introducing the general content template!

THIS ARTICLE IS INTENDED TO BE FRIENDLY FOR ALL AGES.Please keep it clean in the comments.

Seeing as though this wiki has a wide variety of content that can range from happy rainbow kittens to super violent death machines, it would be no doubt someone would want to make an article which is friendly for all ages, and seeing as though someone who does make kid friendly articles would want kid friendly comments. If someone adds this template to their article then you are not permitted to swear or say anything mature in the comments.
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• 4/24/2015

My Game

I am going to make a game called Mini Beasts. It will be about creatures called Mini Beasts. There are 20 Elements. There will be 3 Mini Beasts and 1 Legendary Beast for each element.
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• 4/10/2015

Lego: Dimensions

Hello my friends and today I have some exciting news. Quite recently it was announced there there is going to be a new Toys to Life game called Lego Dimensions. The game looks cool and it's good to see a Toys to Life Game that's not Skylanders or Disney Infinity. Anyway, here is the trailer.

02:36 LEGO Dimensions - Official Announce Trailer PS4, PS3
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• 3/1/2015

New Look!

The pixel background you see here is only temporary until I make better one, so stay tuned!
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• 12/23/2014


I just realized I never made a favicon for this wiki. What do you think, Poseidon?
Maybe we can all give suggestions and take a vote.
- BHCreations
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• 3/1/2015

An Important Announcement!

Hello there, I am Poseidon133 if you did not already know. What I want to talk about today is Skylanders and Disney Infinity content. You are now allowed to post non Toys to Life Skylanders and Disney Infinity content due to the fact they are Toys to Life in Canon. Please do note only these two subjects are allowed for Non-Toys to Life.
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